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Navigating through posts

Trying to find something specific? Don’t feel like scrolling through pages?

I’ve provided a few simple links that may be what you are searching for.

Female Oral-Females receiving oral sex.

Male Oral-Males receiving oral sex can also be found at /tagged/Blowjobs, or /tagged/Giving Head

Couples-Couples getting it on.

Lesbians-Lesbian posts

Doggy Style-Doggy Style sex posts.

Masurbation-Masturbation photos.

Toys-Use of toys

Tits-Pictures with clear view of women’s breasts.

Ass-Ass photos.

GIFs-Moving sex photos.

Naked-Completely naked photos.

Female-Entirely female sex photos.

**Hot & Heavy** -Since this blog is TASTEFUL. This will be a very popular tag. Hot & Heavy posts are the “leading up to” sex. Posts that aren’t full blown intercourse, but are pretty sexy and steamy.

*I will add more links once I get more posts of that type of link. If you would like to search for something on your own because I might have it tagged, just not a page for it because I don’t have several posts like can by doing this.

Step 1: Take the blog’s URL:

Step 2: Add /tagged to the end of it.

Step 3: Add /”whatever you want to search for” to the end.

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